Entrance Canopies

Commercial Entrance Canopies


Entrance canopies are an ideal solution for commercial and residential buildings across the UK.

Entrance canopies offer all-year-round protection from the extreme elements. If you want to help ensure your visitors are dry in the autumn and winter months, and to provide some shade in the summer months, commercial entrance canopies are a great way to protect those coming into and out of your building.

We recognise that no premise is the same as another. Each will have a different budget and available space for entrance canopies, but Miko can provide a solution for everyone. All of Miko Engineering’s canopies and shelters are designed bespoke and manufactured in the UK. This helps offer the maximum amount of personalisation and the best installation solution.

What are the benefits of an entrance canopy?

  • First impressions count. Protecting your visitors from the weather as they enter your building will help to make that first impression a positive one. 
  • Entrance shelters also provide a clear sign for the entrance to your premises, which will streamline the arrival of your guests and save you time. 
  • Entrance canopies are hard-wearing and robust, they are not phased by the elements and can be installed in nearly any entrance of your building.

Why choose Miko to install your entrance canopies?

Miko Engineering is your canopy supplier of choice. All of our canopies and shelters are designed and manufactured in the UK by our expert team. We have been providing canopies to commercial and public spaces for over 25 years and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality aesthetics nationwide. Here are some reasons why we are a great choice:

Choice in Design

When you want to wow your guests on their arrival, having the entrance canopy fit your overall aesthetic is important, which is why at Miko, we offer a wide range of design choices. From our wall mounted canopies to curved entrance canopies, it is important to us that you find a design that works for you. 

Bespoke Designs

If our standard designs aren’t quite right for what you have in mind, we offer true flexibility of design and endless possibilities with our bespoke entrance canopies. Our in-house design and drawing team will create a unique canopy that suits your particular needs and design preferences. Our expert design team will work with you to create an entrance canopy design to suit any dimension. 

Affordable prices

We understand that every space is different and budgets can vary, thereby we offer our entrance canopies at affordable prices that don’t sacrifice quality. 

Minimal disruption

All of our design and manufacturing happens in-house. We offer UK-wide installation and can arrange an installation time that works for your business so as to cause minimal disruption to the commercial or residential environment.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do commercial entrance canopies improve a building?

A commercial entrance canopy provides additional shelter for those entering a building. This means extra shelter from harsh weather conditions as well as a more impressive building.

Do entrance canopies make a building stand out?

Yes, entrance canopies definitely make a building stand out. They are similar to an extension in the fact that they extend the shelter provided by a building which is especially important when leading up to a building’s entrance. 

Does a front entrance need a canopy?

If the entrance to your building is regularly exposed to the elements, it may be a good idea to install a front entrance canopy. Doing so will add an extra layer of protection to the front door of your building, helping it to last longer and withstand harsh weather. You will also keep all visitors to your building dry and protected.