Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies are an ideal solution for commercial and residential buildings across the UK.

Entrance canopies offer all year round protection from the extreme elements. If you want to help ensure your visitors are dry in the autumn and winter months, and to provide some shade in the summer months, commercial entrance canopies are a great way to protect those coming into and out of your building.

Residential entrance canopies are a great addition to your home. Entrance door canopies give a fantastic aesthetic appeal to your home. With a door canopy, you will have the benefit of a welcoming entrance for friends and family. Your entrance will also be covered so any home decorations on your porch will also have more shelter from the elements.

We recognise that no premises is the same as another. Each will have different budgets and available space for entrance canopies, but Miko can provide a solution for everyone. All of Miko Engineering’s canopies and shelters are bespokely designed and manufactured in the UK, this helps offer the maximum amount of personalisation, and the best installation solution.

What are the benefits of an entrance canopy?


  • First impressions count. If your visitors need to be let into your building and have to stand in the rain to do so, you can assume that their first impressions won’t be outstanding.
  • Entrance shelters also provide a clear sign for the entrance for your premises. Saving you time explaining how to find the entrance to your visitors.
  • Entrance canopies are hard-wearing and robust, they are not phased by the elements and can be installed in nearly any entrance of your building.
  • An entrance canopy also adds an aesthetic appeal to your premises and can wow guests on their arrival. 

Why choose Miko to install your entrance canopies?


Miko Engineering is your school shelter supplier of choice. We design and manufacture our canopies in the UK. Our installation process causes minimal disruption to the commercial or residential environment. We offer a wide range of canopy options at an affordable price. We have been installing canopies for over 25 years. By introducing an entrance canopy to your outdoor space, you will deliver high quality aesthetics and help to make your space fit for all weather conditions.

If you are considering bespoke entrance canopies for your commercial or residential space, contact Miko today.