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Quorum Business Park

Quorum Business Park

Quorum Business Park is a regular customer for Miko engineering. We have created many bespoke designs for this business park. Therefore, when asked to create projects for them, we knew what designs would fit well with the business park.


Quorum Business Park had a selection of uncovered cycle racks which were under-utilized by their clients and staff. Therefore, they asked if we could create a cost-effective shelter which fitted in with the design of the whole business park.


The shelter we created was 6m by 12m, covered by wood to blend into the surroundings. Now the cycle shelter is undercover and has become much very popular and is used by both clients and staff.


Quorum Business Park also asked for us to design, manufacture and install some stainless steel bus shelters as they had no shelters which provided protection against the elements. We created a shelter which featured the Quorum logo on the glass to fit in with their brand. There were a number of them installed within the business park.

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