Cycle Shelters

Bike Shelters For Schools


We’ve seen an increased need for cycle shelters due to many people aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their impact on the environment. Installing an outdoor bicycle shelter will better protect the bikes attached to the bike storage. Bike shelters from Miko Shelter Solutions are ideal in a variety of environments. Workplace and school bike shelters will add to the appeal of your outdoor spaces and help to protect your pupils or employees’ possessions.

We install high volumes of cycle shelters for schools and universities due to the popularity of cycling among students. Cycle parking in workplaces is also an essential product for staff. Miko Shelter Solutions have a range of products for all budgets and needs so you can find your ideal secure bike shelter. 

Secure Bike Shelters


The rise in popularity of cycling to school and work has seen an increase in the need for bike shelters. More people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of using cars and the benefits for the environment if we use them less, such as reducing our carbon footprints. Cycling is also a great form of exercise and encourages children and adults to get out into the fresh air.

A bike shelter is a free-standing structure that provides both security and protects bicycles from the elements while its user is at school, work, or somewhere else when they need to leave their bicycles for a period of time. 

Installing one of Miko Engineering’s cycle shelters encourages pupils, students, workers, and visitors to use a more environmentally friendly mode of transport and one that also benefits their health. They help to protect the bikes from the elements and risk of theft or vandalism, allowing cyclists to leave their bikes with peace of mind.

Bike shelters from Miko Engineering are ideal for a  variety of environments. Workplace and school bike shelters will add an appeal to your outdoor spaces and help to protect your pupils or employees’ bicycles.

Cycling is a popular way of getting to school and university for students and staff alike, so cycle parking in schools and workplaces is essential. Miko Shelter Solutions has a range of products for all budgets, including bespoke cycle shelters that not only provide protection and shelter for bikes but can also help to showcase your organisation and brand.

Do You Need A Secure Place To Store Bicycles?


If you want to encourage people to cycle to your venue, whether that’s a school, college, shopping centre, train station, or workplace, they need to have somewhere safe to leave their cycle. Bike shelters and cycle racks do this. They provide a designated storage solution that is secure and provides some weather protection while the cycle owner is visiting your premises. A cycle shelter is a cost-effective solution that gives cyclists peace of mind that their bike is in a safe place.

What Are The Benefits Of Cycle Shelters?


  • Improved kerb appeal of your premises. We can create a custom design giving you a bespoke cycle shelter that enhances your building and is a talking point for pupils and the local community.
  • Better protection from the elements. Riding a bike home after work on a damp seat is not great so a cycle shelter will provide weather protection and help to keep bikes dry.
  • Having cycle shelters encourages children to cycle to school which helps to improve their physical and mental health. In turn, this means there are fewer cars on the road which is better for the environment and quality of air.
  • Cycle storage or shelters help parents to be confident that their child’s bicycle will be safe and dry when it’s left on school premises. Being confident that there is somewhere secure for the bicycle to be left will encourage parents to let their children cycle to school.

Why Choose Miko To Install Your Bike Shelters?

Miko Shelter Solutions are the experts in covered bicycle shelters. We have been working with schools, universities, healthcare providers, and businesses for over 25 years. Our passion is creating the perfect solution for our customers that helps them to improve their outdoor space.

We have a wide range of products at different price points that are designed to keep bicycles protected from the weather and secure. Our in-house designers and engineers will create you a fantastic cycle shelter

Our family-run business will provide a first-class service that includes installing the shelters without any major disruption to your business, whether that’s during business hours or term time, whichever works best for you.