Cycle Racks

Cycle racks are essential for all premises these days as cycling to and from work, school or university is becoming the go-to mode of transport. Cycle parking in workplaces are also essential products for staff. Miko Shelter Solutions have a range of products for all budgets and needs. All of Miko Engineering’s cycle shelters come as standard with a Galvanized Sheffield Cycle Rack, however, we also have more options should you want something different or bespoke cycle storage.

We’ve seen an increased need for cycle racks due to many people journeying towards a greener lifestyle. There have been more people travelling to work and school on bikes due to their minimised impact on the environment and reduced price due to their cheap running costs compared to cars and public transport. 

What are the benefits of cycle racks?


  • By installing a cycle rack for schools or a bike rack for commercial buildings, you are giving people more choice on how they travel. 
  • Installing cycle racks for bike security will ensure that bikes are safer on your premises and will minimise the risk of theft. 
  • Having dedicated cycle rack spaces will reduce the number of people who attach their bikes to trees, railings, and as a result, potentially blocking cars and entrances. 
  • Easy installation as school bike racks and bike racks for the workplace can be fitted to a variety of surfaces like grass, asphalt and concrete.


Why choose Miko to install your cycle racks?


Miko Shelter Solutions are the experts in cycle storage racks. We have been working with schools, universities, healthcare providers, and businesses for over 25 years. Our passion is delighting our customers and helping them to improve their outdoor space.

We fit bicycle racks without any major disruption to your business. We have a large variety of products at an affordable price. Our designers and engineers will provide you with fantastic cycle racks completed in a timely manner and leave no trace behind us. We can complete an installation during normal business hours or term time and work with you so as to cause minimal disruption when installing the cycle rack.