Cycle Lockers

Cycle lockers and motorcycle lockers

Miko Shelter Solutions manufacture cycle lockers, motorcycle lockers, sports and playground lockers for toys and equipment. The lockers are manufactured from 1.2mm and 1.5mm galvanised steel and can be powder coated in the colour of your choice.

As well as horizontal lockers we can also supply vertical lockers which have a smaller ‘footprint’ and, therefore more lockers can be fitted into a confined space or cycle storage compound.

Also, don’t forget, as with all of the Miko products we can always come up with a bespoke design if you need it.

Miko’s Horizontal Bike Lockers

  • All locker doors are double skinned.
  • Very robust.
  • Can be fitted with a variety of locking systems.
  • Galvanized and powder coated finish, perfect for external secure cycle storage.
  • Options include a hasp and staple, key operated, coin operated.

Miko’s Galvanized Mesh Cycle Lockers

  • Cycle supported on a hook for the front wheel.
  • A guide for the rear wheel.
  • Internal hooks for coats or cycle helmets.
  • Perforated vision panels in the doors.
  • Galvanized finish, perfect for external on internal cycle storage.

cycle lockers 3

 Miko’s Motorcycle Locker

  • Designed to store a single motorcycle
  • Perforated side sheets and a solid roof
  • Weighs about ¼ of a ton
  • Built around a strong box section frame
  • Can be fully powder coated any colour

cycle lockers 4

 Miko’s Helmet Lockers

  • Can be fitted to our cycle shelters
  • Size: 380mm square by 340mm deep
  • Ideal solution for storing cycle helmets or other items
  • Doors secured by padlocks (not provided)

cycle lockers 5

 Miko’s Motorcycle Locks

  • Galvanized box section bolted to concrete foundations, complete with flexible locking fixing
  • Perfect for motorbike security

For further information on cycle lockers, motorcycle lockers, lockers for sports equipment or lockers for playgrounds please contact our sales team at Miko Shelter Solutions.