The Importance Of Secure Cycle Storage

The Importance Of Secure Cycle Storage

secure cycle storage

Cycling is one of the healthiest, and environmentally friendly, ways to travel. Now more than ever people are more conscious of their carbon footprint, and are opting for cycling or walking over driving or getting on the bus. With cycling quickly becoming many people’s ‘go-to’ form of travel, it’s important that organisations help cater for and encourage this, whether it be with bike racks that cater for multiple bikes, indoor storage with large floor space where cyclists are able to store bikes safely and securely. By providing secure cycle storage it offers somewhere safe and secure for riders to store their bikes whilst they’re at work or school.

Secure cycle storage proves extremely beneficial to an array of organisations. Schools, hospitals and offices are among the vast array of organisations that can benefit from cycle storage. From traditional to more contemporary designs, the engineers at Miko Engineering can design cycle storage to compliment and boost the curb appeal of any surrounding environment.

Bike storage and security


Installing secure bicycle storage and bike sheds outside gives riders peace of mind when having to leave their bikes outside, whether it be for short or long periods of time. Bikes are expensive and leaving unattended runs a risk of the bike being stolen or vandalised. Students, staff, and visitors are therefore more likely to cycle as they have the reassurance of having somewhere safe to store their cycling equipment. It also means that parents can allow their children to take their bikes to school without having to worry about them not being there at the end of the day.

Provide protection from elemental harm


Another advantage of cycle storage is that it provides protection from the harsh elements. A bicycle left exposed to harsh UV rays or heavy rain can cause damage that can affect the function of the bicycle, which can require costly repairs. Over time rain can also cause your bicycle to rust. So by installing secure cycle storage, it can remove this risk and give riders a peace of mind when leaving their bicycles unattended outside.

Miko Engineering offer a range of cycle storage, from sheltered cycle compounds to more simplistic cycle racks, we can cater to whatever the needs of your organisation.

Aesthetic Appeal


As well as providing a secure place to store bicycles, cycle storage can also boost the aesthetic appeal of any building. Secure bicycle storage can come in a variety of designs that can blend into the surrounding environment. Popular cycle storage can come in the form of metal bike sheds or even wooden bike sheds with many benefits to either shed material and design. So if you’re looking for a non intrusive way to improve the curb appeal of your organisation, cycle storage is a great idea!

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary addition, the engineers at Miko Engineering can assist with a bike shelter that is designed to complement and enhance its surrounding environment.

Promotes Active Lifestyle


Cycling offers both physical and mental health benefits, so by installing secure bicycle storage this gives incentive for students, workers, and visitors to opt to cycle instead of drive or take public transport. Installing cycle storage at your property helps to encourage students, visitors and workers to cycle to work or school. Cycling to and from is a great way to get exercise at the beginning and end of each day and research shows that those who cycle to work or school demonstrate greater brain performance.

From being more productive to being generally happier and fitter with a stronger immune system, the benefits of cycling are endless. Additionally, by encouraging students to cycle to school it will also help to reduce the amount of traffic at school gates during drop off and pick up times, helping it become safer for everyone passing by.

Interested in Cycle Storage?


The benefits of installing secure bicycle storage far outweigh the cost. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary addition, our engineering experts can assist with a bike shelter that is designed to complement and enhance its surrounding environment. Contact the team at Miko Engineering to find out more about our bespoke cycle storage!