Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining Canopies

Outdoor Dining Canopies are perfect for Primary and Secondary Schools around the country that need space more than ever. Many schools come to Miko with the same problem; inadequate room to fit all their students at break and lunchtime. Building on existing school structures is expensive and takes time, but Miko’s enclosed outdoor dining canopies are considerably cheaper and take less time.


All schools have different budgets and available space for outdoor dining canopies. By working closely with the school and other contractors, Miko can design a bespoke canopy that will blend in effortlessly with the school. Miko’s outdoor dining canopies include lighting, and electricity points, and come in any colour. There is also a large range of doors, the most popular being sliding doors.


Outdoor Teaching

Miko offers outdoor canopy solutions which can have multiple uses including school dining and teaching areas. Get in touch to discuss which options are best for your school.


Outdoor Solutions

Miko offers Canopies and products to provide solutions for the following:

  • Outdoor Teaching Canopies
  • Outdoor Dining Canopies
  • Outdoor Teaching Area

If you’re interested in adding an outdoor dining canopy to improve your school’s space, then contact Miko on 0191 428 0452 for a free site survey and quotation.