Bin Storage

Commercial Bin Storage


Bin shelters are a popular choice of bin storage for many businesses. They help to keep bins out of site whilst ensuring they stay secure and tidy. Our commercial bin shelters are perfect for offices, schoolers, universities and more. From small scale to large scale bin storage units, our team is on hand to design and manufacture a bin shelter that’s perfect for you.

What are the benefits of bin storage?


A bin shelter storage is a practical solution and brings with it a number of benefits, including:

  • Hide unappealing wheelie bins – although bins are essential, they’re not something we need nor want to look at! A bin shelter storage ensures that bins are stored neatly and keeps them out of sight, whilst also preventing bins toppling over and spilling rubbish onto the streets.
  • Helps to combat smell and deter rodents and flies – a bin shelter helps to contain the smell of bins and keep rodents and flies away, helping to keep the surrounding area more hygienic and safe. 
  • Avoid vandalism – by choosing to install a bin shelter it will keep your bins safe from vandalism and help to prolong the lifespan of your bins, thus proving a cost effective investment. 

Why choose Miko to install your commercial bin shelter?


Here at Miko, our bin shelters are built out of strong and robust materials and are installed by highly skilled engineers. We take great pride in providing an excellent service to our clients and whether their purpose is to cover regular wheelie bins or large commercial bins, we can build them to fit your requirements! Our bin shelters are manufactured and installed with nature in mind and aim to blend in effortlessly with the surrounding area with plenty of versatility and flexibility on offer. Contact us for more information!