Smoking Shelters

Free Standing Smoking Shelters


Smoking shelters give weather protection to your employees and visitors. Shelters are easy to install, with Miko Engineering offering a large range of free standing smoking shelters.Over 7.2 million people smoke in the UK, so the requirement to provide outdoor smoking areas is still very important. All Miko Engineering’s smoking shelters are built to comply with current smoking legislation and are ideal for a number of commercial premises such as pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and other public venues. If you are a business owner with smoking employees, installing a designated smoking area is an ideal solution.

Miko Engineering can install a high quality smoking shelter and vaping area for your premises. We have a number of adequate shelters for smokers or can design and install a bespoke shelter if you have more tailored needs.

What are the benefits of a smoking shelter?

  • Protection from bad weather conditions. Smoking shelters give smokers more protection from heavy rain, wind, snow and even extreme UV rays.
  • Reduces foot traffic around entrances and exits. By having a stand-alone smoking shelter away from high-traffic areas, there will be fewer gatherings of smokers outside the main doorways of your premises. 
  • Keeps the rest of the work environment smoke-free. Having a designated smoking area will separate those smoking from the ones who are opposed to it or must avoid second-hand smoke for their health.
  • A high quality smoking shelter can increase the outdoor appeal of your building.

Why choose Miko to install your smoking shelter?


Miko Shelter Solutions are the experts in covered smoking shelters. We have been working with commercial premises including universities, healthcare providers, and other businesses for over 25 years. Our passion is delighting our customers and helping them to improve their outdoor space with a designated smoking area and other specialised shelter solutions.

We fit smoking shelters without any major disruption to your business. We have a large variety of shelter ranges at an affordable price. Our designers and engineers will provide you with fantastic smoking shelters that are completed in a timely manner and leave no trace behind us. We can complete an installation during or outside of normal business hours and work with you so as to cause minimal disruption during the installation phase.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a smoking shelter be from a building?

There is no legal requirements for smoking shelters to be a certain distance from any shelter or building however we do advise that they are at least 2 metres away from other structures in order to avoid secondhand smoke for non-smokers.

Are employers legally obliged to provide smoking shelters?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement for employers to provide smoking shelters, it is seen as a gesture of goodwill. It is legal in the UK to smoke anywhere outdoors (apart from non-smoking areas), so installing a smoking canopy or shelter allows smokers to have a dedicated space to smoke, whilst also containing the smoke in one area, keeping all employees happy.

How many sides should a smoking shelter have?

UK regulations state that no more than 50% of the shelter can be enclosed by fittings. Your smoking shelter must have enough open space to ensure proper ventilation. Good quality standard smoking shelters will provide both substantial cover from the elements as well as comply with the 50% rule.