How to Become a Bike Friendly Workplace

How to Become a Bike Friendly Workplace

Do you want a bike friendly workplace?

In recent years, cycling has taken Britain by storm but unbeknown to many, encouraging employees to ride rather than drive to work could unlock a number of advantages for employers too. Staff members who regularly cycle to work tend to be more productive and punctual, whilst improved health benefits also mean less sick days are taken. In addition to this, cycling reduces the amount of space you need for car parking and dramatically cuts the carbon footprint of your workplace.

Becoming a bike friendly workplace is a sure-fire way of getting more employees on their bikes, but how can you achieve this and unlock these excellent business bonuses?

Improve Your End-of-Trip Facilities

For cyclists everywhere having somewhere to store their bike securely at work is of utmost importance, and improving your end-of-trip facilities will ensure you can cater to the needs of cyclists within your workplace.

Bike shelters can be easily and cost effectively integrated into any workplace, providing a high quality facility to store bicycles safely and securely. We offer a range of bicycle shelters, all of which can be customised to your needs and to complement your surroundings. All of our bike sheds are built to last and designed to protect bicycles from theft and the great British weather.

Relax Your Dress Code

Many individuals are put off cycling to work due to the upheaval of changing out of their cycling gear when arriving at the office. Relaxing the strict dress code of your workplace may provide the answer. Alternatively, providing suitable shower and changing facilities for cyclists to use to slip into their office attire can ensure you further enhance your end-of-trip facilities.


Offering incentives for those who ride to work is also a great way to encourage cycling within the workplace. Many companies offer mileage for those commuting by bike, providing monetary incentives for those who opt for this healthier way to travel. In addition this, if many of your employees have to attend meetings outside of the office during the working day, providing access to a company car to complete journeys that are too far to cycle is an excellent incentive to encourage employees to leave their own vehicles at home.

Celebrate Cycling

Providing facilities in house that encourage and even celebrate cycling will ensure your bike friendly ethos spreads company wide. Run regular events for cyclists and participate as a company in national events like Bike to Work Week.

Larger companies with a larger budget may also wish to offer a bike hire service for those who want to ride but can’t afford to purchase expensive cycling equipment. Setting up networks and support groups for those who commute by bike can also encourage cycling whilst providing individual cyclists with the contacts they need to commute safely and confidently in pairs or groups.



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