Five Reasons to choose Covered Walkways for your Business Premises

Five Reasons to choose Covered Walkways for your Business Premises

1. First Impressions

When potential clients have to brave the elements between your car park and your building it can really put them off. One way to ensure anyone visiting your site gets the warmest possible welcome is by fitting covered walkways to the entrance of your building so people entering are protected from the weather. That way clients will arrive at your reception feeling relaxed and happy which means you’re more likely to strike a deal.

2. Encourage Activity

These days employers have an obligation to encourage staff to get to work in ways that are less harmful to the environment. A covered walkway can double as a cycle shelter to provide staff with somewhere safe to put their bikes so they can avoid using a car to commute and help reduce the carbon footprint your business creates.

3. Out and About

Studies have shown that getting out of the office and into the fresh air for a break will not only make staff feel healthier and happier, but it could even increase their productivity. A covered walkway will provide the people who use your building with an area to meet and spend time outside whilst taking a break.

4. Prepare for Weather

UK winters seem to be getting harsher each season and over the past few years, snow storms have thrown the country into chaos. Business owners can lose thousands of pounds when snow strikes due to staff not being able to get into work, but a covered walkway will make it easy to get into your building whatever the weather so you’re less likely to lose out on production.

5. Keep Clean

A covered walkway is the ideal solution if you want to keep your reception area looking clean and tidy. Covered walkways will help keep floors dry in the rain and mean that your reception area stays looking presentable.

So give your building, staff and clients a treat and incorporate a covered walkway within your premises.

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