Should I Invest in a Covered Walkway?

Should I Invest in a Covered Walkway?

We understand that the appearance of your commercial, industrial or public sector premises is a vital part by your business’ identity, and there are many ways that you can enhance the look and feel of your property. However, the majority of these upgrades can cause disruption to your working day as well as take a huge chunk out of your business’ budget.

Covered walkways are different, whether you opt for a standard or bespoke product, walkway installation can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your premises without weeks of building work. Still not convinced? We reveal the benefits of covered walkways

Protection from the Elements

The UK is known for its unpleasant weather conditions, but installation of a covered walkway ensures your staff, clients and visitors don’t have to brave the elements. Covered walkways offer excellent protection against harsher weather conditions, which could ultimately have a positive effect on the health and well-being of your employees.

Our covered walkways also provide UV protection, so come rain or shine, we have you and your workforce covered.

Expand Your Space

For schools in particular, covered walkways provide a solution to overcrowding and during the summer months, teachers are able to use these school canopies to teach lessons outdoors. Covered walkways also make playgrounds and outdoor areas of corporate premises usable whatever the weather, as employees and pupils can enjoy lunch al fresco.

School canopies can also be utilised to connect neighbouring classrooms, creating a more integrated environment for your pupils and a more comfortable way to travel around the wider site. This integrated environment is also particularly effective in retail units and the use of covered walkways can enhance the leisure experience for your shoppers.

Increase Curb Appeal

Covered walkways come in a variety of designs, and work to inject style that your corporate premises may be lacking. Both our standard and made-to-measure products are available in a range of sizes and finishes, each of which can be adapted to complement the colour scheme of your brand. In addition to this, the direction, height and roof profile can be customised to your exact specification.

Our canopies and walkways are also available with a range of engineering extras, so you can ensure the finished product is in tune with your company’s needs.

Upgrade Minus the Upheaval

As we’ve mentioned upgrading the exterior look of your public sector, commercial or industrial premises can result in major upheaval for you and your staff. However, covered walkways are fitted efficiently without disrupting your working day. Our fixed and free-standing canopies and walkways can be installed quickly, providing an instant makeover for your premises.


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