What Are Covered Walkways?

What Are Covered Walkways?

Covered walkways are beneficial to any business or indoor building as they simply protect visitors come rain or shine! With a sole purpose of providing a shelter, they can keep you dry from heavy showers and cool in the shade from the summer sunshine. Today we are going to explain to you what our covered walkways are and why you need to implement them this year. 


What Is A Covered Walkway?


Covered walkways are basically a shelter overhead of your building’s entrance or perimeter. They can make a great difference to a business, school or retail centre, increasing the overall height, dimension and shape of the exterior, and can be used during the process of a renovation. The easy-to-integrate, fixed and free-standing products provided by our team here at MIKO Shelter Solutions offer a range of different finishes and engineering extras to ensure that the quality of your covered walkway is second-to-none. 


What Covered Walkways Can MIKO Provide Me With? 


Here at MIKO we specialise in a range of both standard and bespoke covered walkways for a range of sectors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, boosting your overall curb appeal. We can supply you with a range of alternative solutions including: 


Curved Covered Walkways


The curved covered walkway is our most popular covered walkway here at MIKO. With a simplistic and robust design that presents a combination of quality and durability at an affordable cost. 

How Are They Made? 


Manufactured from mild steel in a range of circular hollow section and rectangular hollow section means that each walkway can be customised to your personal specifications. The roof on your covered walkway roof can be clad using a range of materials; You can use a multi-wall polycarbonate which gives it an opaque finish, allowing natural sunlight to shine through but stopping any direct UV light, or another form of roof cladding such as toughened laminated glass. Each covered walkway is then fitted with an aluminium or PVC gutter. 


What Do The Measurements Need To Be?


All of our curved covered walkways can be specifically designed and manufactured to fit all projects, both big and small. So if you feel like your business or local school has a particularly small entrance way, then fear not – we can still service you! 


Wave Covered Walkways – 


The wave covered walkway is another popular style of canopy that we can supply you with here at MIKO. It boasts similarities to our curved covered walkway yet with a more elaborate twist for a unique stamp. 



How Are They Made And What Do The Measurements Need To Be? 


The materials used, size specifications and finish are all the same of the previously mentioned curved covered walkway, so you can guarantee that they will be manufactured to a high standard. There is always the option to add some personal touches to your wave covered walkway at any stage to put your own stamp on your canopy, ensuring that you are 100 percent happy with the overall finished product. 


Can We Work Together On Bespoke Covered Walkways?


Here at MIKO we love to work with our clients on bespoke projects as the end result is so rewarding to see a client’s idea come to life, and their overall satisfaction with the service we provide! If you wish to go one step further than adding personal touches to your canopy, then perhaps you should consider designing your own bespoke solution? 


We can work with you to design and manufacture a made to measure alternative that is completely unique to you. Our bespoke service usually starts at our head office, where an initial idea is discussed before our engineering experts craft your bespoke covered walkway, with our design specialists and installation experts on hand to ensure that your MIKO product exceeds your expectations and our rigorous high-standard, on-site survey. 


Get In Touch


We offer free site surveys here at MIKO Engineering to accurately measure the size of the walkway area that you have requested. If you would like to know more about our covered walkways, or any of our other canopy solutions that we can provide your business with, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0191 428 0452 or drop us a line at sales@mikoengineering.co.uk

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