A Buyer’s Guide: Buggy Shelters from Miko Engineering

A Buyer’s Guide: Buggy Shelters from Miko Engineering

For public sector and private organisations alike sourcing the shelter and street furniture solutions that suit your needs, budget and the overall style of your brand is often an integral part of how you do business. Buggy shelters in particular have become a particularly important furniture addition for many, with schools, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and nurseries all taking advantage of the numerous benefits associated with their installation.

As a leading supplier of shelter solutions, our buggy shelters are an essential part of our collection, and we provide standard and bespoke designs for all applications. Read on to discover more about our school buggy shelters and how they could enhance the grounds of your commercial or public sector premises.

The benefits

There are a plethora of benefits that go hand-in-hand with the installation of our premier buggy shelters. Whether you wish to opt for a standard or bespoke finish, each of our products is designed to keep prams and other equipment (including bicycles and scooters) safe and dry, they can even double as a waiting shelter to provide vital protection from the wind, rain and other perks that the great British weather brings.

In addition to preventing wet wheels from coming into, and subsequently making a mess of, your building, the addition of a buggy shelter also stops prams from cluttering up both the inside and outside of your building, one advantage that can enhance health and safety significantly.

Our shelter solutions

Here at Miko Engineering, we deliver a number of buggy shelter solutions alongside our range of playground and waiting shelters. Our best seller is the Alnwick shelter, measuring in at 4 metres long and 2 metres deep, this compact product can actually accommodate up to 15 people or buggies. If double buggies are a common visitor to your premises, the Alnwick shelter is also a fitting product as the double width entrance means buggies of all shapes, sizes and styles are welcome.

Bespoke buggy shelters are also available upon request and at additional cost.

Why Miko?

The Miko team have been delivering shelter solutions since their inception more than 25 years ago, and alongside their range of high quality buggy, playground and waiting shelters, the company has become known and loved for providing a variety of high quality products, including school canopies and bike sheds, via their standard and bespoke collections. Whilst Miko is a family run firm with traditional values at its heart, the company is also proud to promote innovation and use the latest and greatest technology to provide the complete package, from design and build to installation and aftercare.

To find out more about our buggy shelters or our entire product range, please contact us on 0191 428 0452 or email sales@mikoengineering.co.uk.

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