Education Sector Shelter Solutions With Miko

Education Sector Shelter Solutions With Miko

As the Christmas school holidays draw closer, Miko wanted to remind you that we offer a range of services to the education sector. The Christmas break is the perfect time to renovate and install engineered school shelter solutions. The need for renovation work often build across the year, therefore, this is the perfect time to have solutions sorted for the children coming back to school in the new year. Miko have been working for a long time with clients in the education sector and we offer a range of excellent products that suit all environments and help your school make the most of its space. All our products are designed to be as functional as possible, yet remain attractive to add a unique and valuable touch to any school. The team at Miko design and engineer products with your school in mind and we understand that every school’s environment, budgets and needs are entirely specific. Our bespoke designs cannot be found elsewhere. We hope that by working alongside you we will be able to meet your individual needs and requirements for a shelter solution, even surpassing your expectations.

Here are some of our most popular products that we supply and install in the education sector…

#1 Alnwick Shelter

The Alnwick cycle shelter is an extremely versatile bike shelter option, offering extensive protection from the extensive British weather conditions with rear and side clear PETg screens. The bike shelter gives all round visibility for holding any number of cycles, with options that house anything from 10 to 30 or more bikes. The design works has been specifically equipped to be used in conjunction with other cycle shelters in our range to create great looking bike shelter storage solutions for schools and offices alike.

#2 Compound Shelter

All Miko Shelter Solution’s cycle compounds offer totally secure, lockable cycle storage with complete all round visibility. The cycle compounds can be designed to hold any number of cycles by combining our ‘Alnwick’ cycle shelters with other shelter designs. The cycle compounds can be fitted with cycle racks and gates. Miko can design, manufacture and install cycle shelter solutions which will complement any building. Enclosed cycle compounds also means that at night the compound is not used as a gathering place. Miko Shelter Solutions can also provide lighting and even CCTV within bike storage compounds.

#3 Covered Walkways

Miko also specialise in a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways to satisfy the needs of your education sector premises. As well as enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property with a distinctive and elegant upgrade, the addition of a covered walkway can provide that all-important protection for staff members, pupils and parents, come rain or shine.

#4 Entrance Canopy

At Miko engineering all of our entrance canopies are bespoke to each client. Miko Engineering has a catalogue of commercial entrance canopies and covered walkways so you can choose from our standard and bespoke products to compliment your building. Miko’s entrance canopies provide ultimate protection from the elements for users. Our entrance canopies can also be built using stainless steel for added impact and a unique finish that creates the perfect first impression.

Our entrance canopies are available for school entrances to give these often tired and lifeless structures a much-needed facelift. You can also customize the exterior of your building with a canopy that is personalised to your school or business; why not finish the entrance using your school or company colours?

#5 Playground Shelters

Making your outside play area a real part of the wider school is a challenge that many fail to overcome. However, Miko’s team of knowledgeable engineers have the skills and expertise to craft a shelter that not only suits your needs but works with your school’s surroundings to provide an exciting outdoor learning experience for pupils of all ages. Throughout our 25 years within the industry, we have specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke shelters for schools, and our experience has seen us create a number of products to build the outdoor classrooms that children love. Our playground shelters are expertly designed to suit your specific site and we complete a site survey with each and every one of our clients to give us the facts and figures that we need to create something extra special for staff and students alike.

#6 Benches

Miko Shelter Solutions can manufacture a wide range of fabricated steel benches to suit any architectural situation. All street furniture is designed to be of a very robust nature and yet at the same time be aesthetically pleasing. We can powder coat all of our street furniture in any colour the client wants or should you wish we can produce all items in stainless steel.

Bench tops can be in range of hardwoods for ease of maintenance and hard wearing finish. Benches are suitable for schools, parks, playgrounds, open spaces and public areas and can be finished to match other products in our portfolio.

Other sectors Miko supply

Our bespoke shelter solutions within the education sector are extremely popular, however, here at Miko we also supply a diverse range of other sectors within our remit. Miko also do a great deal of work with the commercial, healthcare, retail and residential sector so if you fall into any of these categories we also have a range of shelter solutions to assist you.

Choose Miko

If you are an educational establishment interested in our education sector solutions, contact us today on 0191 428 0452 or email Furthermore, if you wish to see some of our work in action, go take a look at our client case studies for inspiration and evidence of our amazing education sector work.

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