Why Your Business Curb Appeal is Important

Why Your Business Curb Appeal is Important

Have you considered how your curb appeal for your business looks? Do you even know what curb appeal is? And how it can add value to your business? 

What Is ‘Curb Appeal’?

Your curb appeal is simply how your property looks from the outside. It is an increasingly important thing to consider and work on, as it can add value to your business itself and the area that you are situated in. 

How Can I Boost My Business Curb Appeal?

There are many things that you can do to boost your business’ overall curb appeal. Here are some of our suggestions:

Plant Some Greenery 

One of the most simple ways that you can enhance your business’ curb appeal and make it look more aesthetically appealing to the public and your employee’s coming to work everyday is by planting some greenery in the entrance way of your building or framing the perimeter. Not only does it add a splash of colour but it can improve the value of your building and give it a luxurious feel. 

Why not try out some of our bespoke planters that we can recommend you here at MIKO? Corten planters tend to be our most popular from our range and they are the perfect fit for commercial and retail developments. We are also able to manufacture planters from Mild Steel, allowing a unique look to each individual one. 

Give Your Signage A New Lease Of Life 

First impressions count, right? Not only does nice clean signage look nice but an old, faded sign gives off an under appreciated, neglected vibe and NO business wants that! Invest in brand new signage to change the first impression that you portray to your clients, guests or employees and the results will follow. 

Switch Up Your Window Display 

If you are in the retail industry specifically, then chances are you will have a window display that you style up each month or every few months. Make it your mission to change around your display quite often in order for it to always look fresh and new, and interesting for your potential customer to look at and be captured by. Nobody wants to see the same old display month after month, right? 

Be Obvious 

This may sound blatantly obvious but – make sure that everyone knows what your business does by the outside aesthetics. Make sure your branding gives off the impression that you want it to, your logo tells the public exactly what service you provide at first glance and there is a form of call to action somewhere whether it be a name, website address or phone number. It helps! 

Accentuate Your Parking Facilities

This is a practical step to take but both your customers and employees will massively appreciate this! Having a designated area to park can make a huge difference to your experience somewhere as opposed to parking on the street or miles away from where you are. To boost your curb appeal for your business simply add nice lighting to the area and clear parking spaces to enhance it aesthetically and you’re sorted! 

Pop Out Temporary Signs

Temporary signs like sandwich boards for example are great for attracting attention to your business and drawing in new customers! Signs that are perhaps out of the ordinary for your brand but yet still on brand are incredibly beneficial for gaining interest and giving your business a little unique twist. 

 Outdoor Furniture

Implementing outdoor furniture outside of your business also invites curb appeal and improves the overall welcoming of the outside of your business. Whether it be picnic tables, benches and/or outdoor bins. Here at MIKO we can provide you with a range of street furniture that is well designed and manufactured by our dedicated team. 

 Contact Us

If you wish to improve your overall business curb appeal and are particularly interested in any of the services that we can provide you with, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call on 0191 428 0452 or email us at sales@mikoengineering.co.uk and we would love to help. In addition to our products displayed on our website, we also have a Bespoke service available in which you can create your very own unique solution perfect for your brand! Get in touch today to find out more. 

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