Don’t wait until summer to plan your shelter solutions!

Don’t wait until summer to plan your shelter solutions!

As December quickly rolls on and we prepare to welcome in the New Year, it’s time to start thinking about your 2019 shelter solutions! Here at Miko, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services to a range of sectors, and wished to remind you of some of these services if you are looking for anything from street furniture to canopies and covered walkways…

Cycle Shelter

Here at Miko Shelter Solutions, we provide an all-round service for clients of all sizes across a variety of industries. With over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of street furniture, bike shelters, and cycle storage, we have developed an enviable reputation as market leader and create bespoke solutions for schools and commercial clients looking to upgrade their existing cycle shelters or invest in an innovative product that is tailored to their specific needs.

As well as providing office and school bike & cycle shelters, we also specialise in catering to public buildings, such as hospitals, who want to provide staff and visitors with a high-quality facility to store their bikes safely and securely protecting their cycle equipment from the extremes of the great British weather! We have a comprehensive range of bike & cycle shelter products available. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary addition, our engineering experts can assist with a bike shelter that is designed to complement and enhance its surrounding environment.

Covered Walkways

Miko Shelter Solutions specialise in a range of standard and bespoke covered walkways to satisfy the needs of your commercial, public sector or industrial premises. As well as enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property with a distinctive and elegant upgrade, the addition of a covered walkway can provide that all-important protection for staff members, clients and visitors, come rain or shine.

Playground Shelters

Thanks to our unrivalled reputation and proven track record assisting a number of industry sectors, our experienced engineer’s design, manufacture and install an affordable and high-quality range of school shelters. Our freestanding playground shelters give any size play area an added design feature, whilst providing children with the opportunity to play and learn outside all year round. Being based in the North East of England, we know just how unpredictable the British weather can be and our shelters are designed to offer great protection come rain or shine!

Our beautifully designed products, all of which are created to your exact specification, also work to provide a seamless link from indoor classrooms to outdoor play areas, and each shelter can be customised to complement its surroundings. Available in a number of colours, styles and finishes, our shelters offer a resilient and personalised addition to any school environment.

Smoking Shelters

With the smoking ban in force, designated smoking areas are becoming more popular. Miko can supply a range of smoking shelters or manufacture to your individual requirements. We will regulate to the smoking shelter law and smoking shelter regulations. Enabling you to have the peace of mind that the shelters are designed and manufactured to the correct standards.

We can design shelters with built-in floor or wall mounted cigarette bins for your employees to dispose of their cigarettes in a clean and tidy manner. Additionally, why not compliment your new smoking shelter with seating, ashtrays or planters?

These are just a few of a wide range of services we supply, go to our website for further details on how we could help you today!


Our bespoke shelter solutions are extremely popular within a wide and diverse range of sectors. Here at Miko we supply a number of sectors within our remit. Miko do a great deal of work with the educational, commercial, healthcare, retail and residential sector so if you fall into any of these categories we also have a range of shelter solutions to assist you.


If you are interested in our shelter solutions or additional services, contact us today on 0191 428 0452 or email Furthermore, if you wish to see some of our work in action, go take a look at our client case studies for inspiration and evidence of our amazing work.

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