MIKO’s Bid To Recycle With Bin Storage

MIKO’s Bid To Recycle With Bin Storage

Did you know that the UK does not even rank in the top ten list of countries recognised for their Recycling efforts? 


With a combined total population of 67 million+ in the UK, this is pretty shocking to hear – would you agree? With Germany coming in first position, shortly followed by Austria and South Korea, we should definitely be ranking higher than we do. In 2014 alone, Britain produced 4.9 million tonnes of plastic waste, with two thirds being from product packaging, and only 1.2 million tonnes of it was actually recycled. 


Now when you think of all of the recycling services we now have, with particular days of the week being dedicated to councils coming to empty our recycling bins, separate bins being distributed in and around cities to encourage everyone to dispose of our waste in the correct places, there really is no excuse! So we thought we would come to you today to tell you all about our Bin Storage here at Miko Shelter Solutions, to help your business recycle more and dump less… 


Miko Bin Storage


Miko Bin Storage is simple, robust and blends in effortlessly with any surrounding, whether you require its use in and around the workplace, or at home. We can supply you with a range of bins, using different materials and in different designs, in addition to Bin Storage, with our most popular being the Timber Clad Bin Storage


We always galvanise our external products to increase the overall longevity and finish of our work, and all of the items that we can manufacture can be power coated any colour to offer our clients a personalised touch. We can also manufacture all of our items in stainless steel too, which provides a durable, sturdy and weather repellent finish. 


Miko Bins –


Styled bespoke recycling litter bins manufacture

Here at Miko, we can design and manufacture a wide range of outdoor litter bins suitable for schools, parks, public spaces and corporate surroundings, with a very robust nature at the for-front of our minds, to ensure they will last year after year, while still being aesthetically pleasing on the eye. To blend your litter bin in to your work environment, we can powder coat our products to create a very ‘on-brand’ look, and simply personalise them to your preferences. 

Let’s take a look at what bin designs we can offer you…


Boldon Litter Bins


  • Welded with a hinged lockable door.
  • Supplied with a galvanised steel liner.
  • Secured to the ground through four holes in 6mm base.
  • 60 litres capacity.
  • Available in an array of RAL colours.


Kenton Litter Bin


  • Manufactured from 3mm Zintec with a 3mm lockable spun top.
  • Galvanised steel inner bin.
  • Very robust.
  • 100 litre capacity.


Ascham Litter Bin


  • Manufactured from 2mm Zintec.
  • Lockable top and inner galvanised liner.
  • Robust bin.
  • 70 litre capacity.


Kendal Litter Bin


  • Manufactured from 2mm Zintec.
  • Lockable top and galvanised inner.
  • 70 litre capacity.


Jesmond Litter Bin


  • Manufactured from 2mm stainless steel. 
  • Lockable front door and galvanised inner bin.
  • 100 litre capacity.


Gosforth Litter Bin


  • Manufactured from 2mm stainless steel.
  • Easy ‘lift & spin’ mechanism which requires no lock.
  • Complete with galvanised steel liner.
  • 100 litre capacity. 


Miko Bin Storage Solutions –


Styled bespoke wood snd steel litter bins,


Timber Clad Bin Storage:


Our popular Timber Clad Bin Storage is designed with a natural structure to blend in effortlessly with the surroundings in which it will belong. Take a look at the specifications and options for your design that we can offer you here at Miko: 


  • A galvanised steel frame with mesh infills, cladded in a range of timbers.
  • Your choice of Larch, Iroko or Red Cedar wood finish. 
  • Cladco profile roofing, powder coated, and with 16mm multiwall polycarbonate also available. 
  • Baseplates fixed to concrete foundations or root fixed. 
  • Bespoke dimensions for each individual project that we carry out.
  • Push button locking system, or hasp and staple. 
  • Can include internal partitions and internal lighting.


Contact MIKO Today


All of our Litter Bins here at Miko can be used for normal disposal of waste AND recycling disposal, so now that we have walked you through the products that we can offer you, simply just get in touch to discuss with our team your specific requirements and any enquiries you may have. Don’t forget, we can also offer our Bespoke Services to create your one-of-a-kind design that nobody else has! So give us a call today on 0191 428 0452 or email our team at sales@mikoengineering.co.uk to discuss more.

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