Prepare Your Retail Space For The Festive Period

Prepare Your Retail Space For The Festive Period

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 


With Black Friday just over a week away, and Christmas around the corner, we will begin to notice the increase of shoppers on our high-streets and in our local shopping centres. Savvy spenders will be out in their dozens looking for big deals, so what better way to encourage it than by preparing your retail space with the help of MIKO Shelter Solutions?! 


Not only can we assist in helping your retail centre look more welcoming for your prospect shoppers, but we can also offer our hand at designing and manufacturing bespoke products to boost the practicality and functionality of your retail centre, ultimately boosting its overall curb appeal. 


Welcoming Solutions With MIKO…


Entrance Canopies


You won’t believe the difference that a well-designed and manufactured Entrance Canopy can make to a retail centre. When your intention is there to invite the public to come and spend their time browsing, spending their well-earned money and using your facilities, then you want to make sure you are doing everything you can in order to make it appeal welcoming and a nice place to visit. 


Here at MIKO, we can design, manufacture and implement Entrance Canopies perfect for your retail centre. They are ideal for giving a tired and lifeless structure a much needed lift and lease of life, not to mention making a bold statement and lasting impression. You can choose from our standard designs or we can work on a bespoke creation to match your brand colours, image and aesthetic. 


We can offer the following styles:


  • Wave
  • Monopitch
  • Symmetric Arch
  • Duo Pitch
  • Cantilever 
  • Asymmetric Arch


We have a guideline of standard features that are implemented within the design and manufacturing of the canopy, ranging from:

  • Strong Mild Steel box section in a variety of styles tailored to your personal preference
  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Powder coated to any standard RAL colour
  • 16mm clear multiwall polycarbonate
  • Surface mounted baseplates
  • Plastic Guttering
  • Bespoke manufactured to suit your dimensions 


With the optional features including: 

  • Stainless Steel box section
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate in a variety of colours and sizes best suited to your preference
  • Aluminium Gutter powder coated to match 
  • Submerged baseplates
  • LED or Solar lighting 


Covered Walkways – 

We specialise in a range of both standard and bespoke Covered Walkways to satisfy the needs of your commercial premises. In addition to enhancing your overall curb appeal and aesthetic finish of your building, a Covered Walkway offers a distinctive upgrade that is extremely functional, especially throughout the wet and windy winter periods. However, come rain or shine – they are a fantastic solution to protect your employees and customers when they are around your retail centre. 


Through one simple addition to your building, a Covered Walkway can instantly give your building that added value and make all of the difference. Here at MIKO, we have an experienced team of professionals who can assist with your project. 


Why not take a look at the different styles of Covered Walkways that we can offer your commercial business? 


Outdoor Dining Canopies

If your retail centre has a mixture of restaurants, cafes and tea rooms, with a lot of space around to utilise, why not consider an
Outdoor Dining Canopy? In the midst of a busy shopping spree, sometimes it is nice to take a breather and enjoy some lunch with a view, watching the world go by. With MIKO Outdoor Dining Canopies – you can offer your customers just that! 


Functional Solutions With MIKO… 


Storage Solutions – 


If your retail space is in an accessible area, where people could cycle along, then why not consider implementing safe and secure storage with our Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compounds and Cycle Racks


All designed to a high quality, you can choose from our standard styles or design your very own bespoke creation perfect for your needs. 


Smoking Shelters


Designated smoking areas help those who wish to take a cigarette break navigate exactly where they should head to. Whether it be shelters with cigarette bins or benches included for comfort and usability, here at MIKO we can design and manufacture functional smoking shelters that make it easy for your employees and customers to find when needed. 


Take a look at the different options of Smoking Shelters that we can deliver to your commercial business. 


Bin Storage


One aspect of maintaining the aesthetic of your retail centre is by ensuring that it is clean and tidy at all times. Litter can make a place look seriously unwelcoming and not maintained, and that is not the first impression that you want to give your shoppers. Here at MIKO, we can design and manufacture a range of different styles of Litter Bins perfect for dotting around your shopping mall to ensure that everyone respects your ‘keep it tidy, keep it clean’ message. 




Offering a place to sit and take five, whether that be planning your route or enjoying a coffee in the whirlwind of your shop, our Benches here at MIKO create the perfect welcoming, functional break. We can design both steel and wood based benches in a variety of styles, why not head over to our website to take a look and see which solution is best for you?!


Planters – 


Nothing boosts your business’ curb appeal quite like fresh planters. Granted, not everyone has the time or the resources to look after real planters, so there is always an option of displaying artificial plants and flowers in our beautiful planters. Whether they are placed in the entrance of your retail space, or dotted throughout the mall, they instantly brighten the place up by giving a spring of colour. Whether you have the space for Stacked Corten style planters, or you would prefer smaller corten planters – take a look through our range on our website for what we can offer you!


Get In Touch…


If this blog has given you some ideas for boosting your commercial curb appeal and making your retail space that little bit more welcoming and functional for your customers to enjoy, then get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help! Give us a call on 0191 428 0452 or write to us at

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